HEZI Slang Correct App

Hezi is a UX project created together with Or Bornshtein. The project is  aimed at reviving “proper” original hebrew and bringing it back to life. We addressed the task by creating a Hebrew keyboard plugin that offers syntax suggestions that  encourage the use of  proper Hebrew language using stickers and visual GIF'S​ of an illustrated character called Hezi.


In our process we looked for the characters who are the moderators of the local slang, what makes them so popular and how can we make the Hebrew shine again. 


Our audience is made of  young (15-40) Hebrew speakers, who are communicating through social media such as Facebook messenger and Whatsapp. 


As part of our research we studied the leading chat and grammar apps both in mobile and desktop Interfaces, we found that the best option which will be an easy and inviting feature is to relate to the auto-correction keyboard which comes as a built-in feature in many  of these platforms.  

Sketches due to Storyboard