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Through my work, as a Graphic Designer, I had the opportunity to explore various disciplines with diverse objectives, including design for marketing formatted as banners, header images, social media posts, stories, newsletters and etc... that align with pre-established brand visions and guidelines, ensuring a cohesive and consistent visual language across all platforms.

Building and producing content for diverse acquisition campaigns. This involves utilizing existing assets and creating new ones that align with the brand's core values.

Marketing Email based on product marketing data and requests, sent on a daily basis

Acquisition campaign formatted into Carrussele for Instagram Facebook and TikTok based on marketing data and creative exploration 

Artboard 2.png

Though we may have more creative freedom in the organic channels, the art, and creatives remain aligned with the brand visionaries. 

Carusel copy.png

Visual graphic tool kit teaser for promotion of Vimeo-Create's graphic library  

Templated marketing frames for the users of Vimeo-Create.