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In the field of motion creation, I'm adapting the skills of visual creation in the timeline. The duration isn't a matter only the story that needs to be told. Working mainly with After-Effects and Premiere. 
In the following creation, I demonstrate a variety of creative disciplines, including screenwriting, video editing, art direction, and sound editing, to bring the story to life. I focus on utilizing these skills to create visually engaging and cohesive pieces that effectively tell the story at hand.

5 minutes long video art based on an autobiographic story. The video gives a celebration perspective to the discovery of a serious illness. Video editing, art directing, and sound editing were self-produced 

Teaser was made for the independent, non-funded radio station: The KZ. The teaser promotes one of its shows, called "BrainTrust" and is broadcasted by Ofer Tiser.

A short conceptual, motion produced for the Jerusalem design week 2019 themed "East", deals with the question of Has the state of Israel become what we dreamed of? 

Art Directing and editing a series of mini-clips for the electronic musician Yoav Greenblat specially for Spotify mobile's platform.

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